Larry Bissett - User Experience Designer

About Me

I am a user experience professional who lives in Chatham, NJ. I have a background in print and graphic design and have been focusing on user experience design for the past 17 years. I have proven ability in building user experience programs and mentoring teams to produce on time and within budget.

I define user experience (UX) as everything that a visitor sees and interacts with; across products, services, and applications. My focus is to create best-in-class online experiences that balance the goals of the business and users with the capabilities of technology. There are many elements that comprise the user experience and I have experience with each of them:

  • Content and functionality
  • Organization, navigation, & user pathing
  • User perceptions (usability)
  • Interaction design
  • Look and feel

Why am I good at what I do?

I am passionate about good usability, not just usability of web sites but of everything that I interact with daily. I always find myself questioning the way things are done. For example, have you noticed that almost every time you visit a buffet line the napkins and utensils are at the beginning of the line? Wouldn't it be easier to have them at the end so you don't have to carry it the entire line while getting your food.

Besides the passion, I believe my experience and the approach I take ensures a good user experience. While it's important to focus on the user throughout the entire lifecycle process, this must be balanced with the goals of the business and the capabilities of technology.

What is my approach?

In order to create an best-in-class user experience that are easy to use, I utilize a user-centered design which focuses on the user throughout the entire lifecycle process. This approach is flexible to fit within any project lifecycle methodology and the approach I use could be different for:
  • Different kinds of users
  • Different size projects
  • Where projects are in their lifecycle
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Chatham, NJ

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Charles River
Credit Suisse
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